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Covid-19 Update
Covid-19 Update


All courses will take place as planned.

(This page is constantly updated and adapted to the current Covid-19 situation and the measures taken by the Austrian federal government)​



We take COVID-19 seriously and will do everything in our power to help keep the risk of infection within our courses and events as low as possible. This page is intended to help inform all participants about the current Covid-19 situation and stay up to date with any developments so that everyone feels safe and in good hands when booking a course.


If you have any questions about Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact us

by phone (+43 650 500 55 22) or by email.


Covid-19 entry test:

In order to be able to carry out the courses as safely and without complications as possible, we ask all participants to carry out a Covid-19 test before the arrival to the course (also applies if you are vaccinated or have recovered) and to bring the confirmation to the check-in:

  • PCR test: Not older than 48 hours

  • Antigen test: Not older than 24 hours

  • If you do not have an official test option in advance, please bring an antigen test with you to the check-in.

Further measures:

  • Behavior before the start of the course: We ask all participants to deal with the Covid-19 situation responsibly in the 14 days before the start of the course.

  • No arrival if you are ill or have symptoms: If you have a fever, cough or other Covid-19 symptoms before the start of the course, please do not come to the course and inform us immediately. The same applies if you show any symptoms of illness on the course. In such a case, please do not seek personal contact, just inform us by phone and isolate yourself. 

Course cancellation, Cancellation insurance:

Here is some information about cancellation due to Covid-19: In principle, the update is to differentiate whether a course cancellation has been initiated by the organiser or cancelled by the participant.


  • Cancellation by the organizer Snowsports GmbH / Snowsports Academy: If the course has to be cancelled by us, there is the possibility to postpone the course and move it to another date. Should it not be possible to reschedule the course, all payments made, will be refunded.


  • Cancellation by the participant: If a course is canceled by a participant himself, our cancellation conditions apply. If you fall ill with Covid-19 during the course, we would like to point out that it cannot be continued. Course cancellations or course terminations due to Covid-19 are covered by our cancellation conditions, as injuries and other illnesses. A reimbursement of costs on our part is not possible. Any additional costs incurred are to be borne by the participants themselves. We therefore recommend taking out cancellation insurance with the "Europäische Reiseversicherung" when booking the course, which also includes Covid-19.

  • Cancellation due to official travel restrictions: Should an arrival onto the course not be possible due to official orders (e.g. border closings or travel warnings), the course can be cancelled up to 36 hours before it begins. In this case the course fees already paid will be repaid, although we retain a processing fee and the insurance costs which will have already been paid on your behalf. This amounts to 90€.

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