Covid-19 Update
Covid-19 Update
Covid-19 Updates und Entwicklungen zu Veranstaltungen und Kursen der Snowports Academy



All courses after the 19th of May 2021 will take place as planned.

We take COVID-19 seriously and will do everything in our power to help keep the risk of infection within our courses and events as low as possible. This page is intended to help inform all participants about the current Covid-19 situation and stay up to date with any developments so that everyone feels safe and in good hands when booking a course.


If you have any questions about Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact us

by phone (+43 650 500 55 22) or by email.


Due to Covid-19, we are unfortunately forced to introduce various measures into the courses this year. Our goal is to offer all participants a pleasant and instructive time during the training and to keep the risk of infection for everyone as low as possible. We also want to be able to continue to offer the courses through to the end and give everyone the chance to complete their course. We have therefore worked out a detailed prevention concept. You can download the most important excerpts from the link below:

The most important points in a nutshell:

  • Course Participation Covid-19: For the safety of all participants, the participation in a course is only possible with complete immunisation:

    • Proof of a valid corona vaccination:

      • If two partial vaccinations are required (BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca), the vaccination certificate is valid from the 2nd vaccination date,

      • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson, the vaccination certificate is valid from the 22nd day after the vaccination appointment.

      • For those who have recovered with a partial vaccination, the vaccination certificate is valid from the vaccination date.

    • Recovery Certificate:

      • A recovery certificate - provided that this is recognized as "evidence of a low epidemiological risk" in the respectively valid ordinance of the health minister - replaces the obligation to vaccinate for the duration of the evidence of a low epidemiological risk. The “recovery certificate” can be called up online after logging in with a mobile phone signature or citizen card. It is also possible to have the health certificate printed out free of charge by the municipalities, district administrative authorities and the ELGS ombudsman.

    • Important note: Antigen tests or PCR tests as well as separation notices and antibody tests are not considered admission requirements for participation in the course.

  • Evidence can be provided using the following apps:

    • Austrian citizens (Green Pass):

    • EU citizens (Green Pass App):

    • Citizens from third countries (including Israel, Great Britain, etc.): If third countries have joined the EU system and issued EU-compliant certificates, these can also be checked with the GreenCheck App. However, it should be remembered that in Austria vaccination certificates are only recognized, if the corona vaccination has been carried out with COVID-19 vaccines approved by the EMA. In addition, it is not mandatory to use EU-compliant certificates with QR codes. It is still possible in Austria to use the evidence that has been common up to now, such as officially recognized vaccination certificates. Vaccines approved in Austria:

      • BioNTech Pfizer (Comirnaty)

      • Moderna (Spikevax)

      • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria)

      • Johnsen & Johnsen (Jansen).

  • Behaviour before the start of the course: We ask all participants to already be mindful of the Covid-19 situation in the 14 days prior to the start of the course. 


  • No arrival in case of illness or symptoms: If you have a fever, cough or other Covid-19 symptoms before the start of the course, please do not come to the course and inform us immediately. The same applies if you should show any symptoms of illness on the course. In such a case, please do not seek personal contact, just inform us by phone and isolate yourself. For further procedure, see point "Procedure in case of suspected infection".


  • No mixing of the course groups: We want to prevent the participants from mixing up the different groups as much as possible. We are aware that this is a requirement that is difficult to implement, but, in the case of someone testing positive, the entire course could potentially be terminated. We would therefore like to ask each individual to limit contact only to their own group participants. So that we can implement this measure as well as possible, we need some information from you in advance.

    • The practical sessions on the mountain as well as the theory sessions are only carried out within each group individually. Each instructor prepares his group for both the practical test and the theory test. There will be no joint theory sessions. The groups and room allocations are determined before the course begins. This means that there will be no mixing between the groups in the rooms, nor at breakfast and dinner.

    • Traveling to the mountain and back: In principle, your travel to and from the ski area must be organised yourself. This takes between 5 and 15 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no public bus. Due to Covid-19, we would like to prevent the groups from mixing as far as possible.

    • Breakfast / dinner: Even with breakfast and dinner, the individual groups are not to mix. In addition to the tables assigned to the individual course theory sessions, each group gets a table assigned to it.


  • Procedure in case of suspected infection: If a participant has Covid-19 symptoms, please go and self-quarantine in your own room WITH your roommates immediately and proceed to contact us by phone (+43 650 5005522). An authorized person can carry out a Covid-19 rapid test on site in the event of suspicion. This quick test delivers a result within 15 minutes. If the result of the rapid test is positive, a PCR test must then be carried out. Any costs incurred are to be borne by the participant.

No quarantine necessary for participants from abroad

Doesn't matter, where you are travelling from, there are special rules for business travelers, including those taking part in educations. They do not have to be in quarantine if they can show a medical certificate upon entry that confirms a negative PCR or antigen test and the test was not more than 72 hours ago.


Travel restrictions for entry into Austria

Information provided here is subject to potential changes! Current information can be found by following this link:änkungen-durch-das-Coronavirus.html

  • People from countries in "Appendix 1" (low epidemiological risk) may enter Austria with proof of the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested).

    • Currently: Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Principality of Lichtenstein, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Qatar, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Uruguay, Vatican, Vietnam and Cyprus


  • For people from countries in "Appendix 2" (countries and areas with a high incidence of virus variants), entry into Austria is generally prohibited, but ski and snowboard instructor education is part of professional events, which means that entry is permitted.

    • Currently: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Suriname

    • For these applies:

      • Registration for pre-travel clearanceThis can take place at the earliest 72 hours before entry. In the event of an official inspection, it must be presented in digital form or printed out. The authenticity of the document can be checked using the QR code.

      • Presentation of a negative molecular biological test result (e.g. PCR test): On arrival, you must present a medical certificate or a test result in German or English about a negative molecular biological test result (e.g. PCR test), the sample of which must not have been taken more than 72 hours ago.


  • Entry from other states or areas that are not listed on Appendix 1 or 2 is possible under certain conditions. Certain groups of people can, however, deviate from the general entry requirements and travel to Austria under simplified entry requirements.

Course cancellation, Cancellation insurance

Here is some information about cancellation due to Covid-19: In principle, the update is to differentiate whether a course cancellation has been initiated by the organiser or cancelled by the participant.


  • Cancellation by the organizer Snowsports GmbH / Snowsports Academy: If the course has to be cancelled by us, there is the possibility to postpone the course and move it to another date. Should it not be possible to reschedule the course, all payments made, will be refunded.


  • Cancellation by the participant: If a course is cancelled by the participants themselves, they are subject to our current cancellation terms and conditions. During the booking process, there is the option of purchasing cancellation insurance through “Europäischen Reiseversicherung”. This insurance includes the event of a Covid-19. related cancellation for the following reasons:

    • You are showing a high temperature even if you are tested afterwards, and test negative, or you tested positive for COVID-19 - even without showing symptoms.

    • because you develop symptoms of COVID-19.

    • because a close relative or a person living in the same household as you tests positive for COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required.

    • because a close relative in the same household is sick with COVID-19 and you therefore must go into quarantine.

    • There is no cancellation protection, however, if you cannot commence the trip or don’t want to travel because you are a high-risk patient yourself, or  if you are worried about infection due to the increasing number of cases at the course location. Or both.

    • More information about this “Europäischen Reiseversicherung”. Insurance can be found here:–zur–stornoversicherung/


  • Cancellation due to official travel restrictions: Should an arrival onto the course not be possible due to official orders (e.g. border closings or travel warnings), the course can be cancelled up to 36 hours before it begins. In this case the course fees already paid will be repaid, although we retain a processing fee and the insurance costs which will have already been paid on your behalf. This amounts to 90€.

General Information:

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures: During practical and theory sessions, when using the ski lifts and in the hotel, the current health measures set by the Austrian federal government are to be complied with. We ask all participants to observe and comply with these measures and also to show consideration for each others’ health.


What happens if a course is canceled due to Covid-19?

Should we need to cancel the course, there is the possibility to postpone and move it to another date. If no new date can be found, all payments made leading up to the decision, will be refunded.


What happens if a participant in the course falls ill with Covid-19?

Should a participant fall ill with Covid-19 during the course, all necessary measures will be immediately implicated to protect the health of all other participants.

The person who contracted the illness and all other persons who have been in direct contact with them, will be immediately isolated from the other participants and put in contact with the relevant health authority to take any further necessary steps. Potentially, individual parts of the course or the entire course could be canceled.


How does the room allocation work?
The current rules and requirements set by the federal government are adhered to regarding room allocation. Accordingly, for people from different households, the minimum distance is to be observed (social distancing). Should there be are any requests regarding roommates, we can look into accommodating you with whom you wish. Should anyone want a single room, this can be booked as part of the course booking.

Practice Confirmation:

Due to the fact that it was difficult to work in a ski school last year due to Covid-19, no practical confirmation currently needs to be presented for the Landes courses (LS1-level 3 part 1, LS2-level 3 part 2, SB Landes-level 3).

Our request to all participants:
Our goal is to ensure that all participants have a wonderful and educational time during training and to keep the risk of infection as low as possible for everyone. Despite all the measures we have taken, however, it can only be successful if every single participant deals with, and acts responsibly in regard to the pandemic and aim to protect yourself and the health of others at all times. Accordingly, our request for your understanding and diligence is serious. Keep the necessary safe distance to other people in the hotel, to wear a nose and mouth protection, adhere to social distancing and restrict visits to night clubs and après-ski bars.