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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a ski instructor?

To become a ski instructor you need to complete a series of courses consisting of several parts. After completing the first course, you become a level 2 instructor (Anwärter), and can legally work in a ski school. In order to become a Level 3 instructor (Landesskilehrer), the following courses must be completed:


Detailed description: 

Between the course "Anwärter" and "Landesskilehrer 1" as well as between the course sections "Landesskilehrer 1" and "Landesskilehrer 2" you need to prove at least 10 days of practical work experience in a ski school.


Download and get this form signed off to use as proof of work experience :


How do I become a snowboard instructor?

The training to become a snowboard instructor also consists of several courses. After completing the first course, the ‘Anwärter’, you can legally work in a ski school. In order to reach the level of Snowboard Landeslehrer, the following courses must be completed:


Detailed description:

Between the course "Anwärter" and "Landeslehrer" you need to prove at least 10 days of practical work experience in a ski/snowboard school. Download and get this form signed off to use as proof of work experience:


What qualifications will be obtained after completing the education at the Snowsports Academy?

The courses and examinations for ski or snowboard instructors are carried out by the Viennese Ski and Snowboard Instructors Association (WSSV) regarding to the law of the Austrian federal state Vienna and the guidelines of the Austrian Skischool Association (ÖSSV). After passing the exam, the participant receives an Austrian ski instructor or snowboard instructor certificate, which is recognised both in Austria and in many other countries.


Can I rent ski or snowboard equipment? 

It is possible to rent equipment for courses on the Kitzsteinhorn directly in the sports shop "Bründl Sports" in the mountain station (Alpine Center) on the morning of the first day on snow.
Bründl Sports is a partner of the Snowsports Academy. This gives participants the opportunity to shop at reduced prices, rent equipment or have a ski/snowboard service.

What are the prerequisites to be able to take part in the Anwärter (Level 1 + 2) course?

To participate in the "Anwärter" course, participants must turn 16 years old in the same calendar year as the course.

For skiing: Safe and parallel skiing on all slopes under all snow conditions at a regular speed, without slowing down the group.


For snowboarding: Safe snowboarding on all slopes under all snow conditions at a regular speed, without slowing down the group.


There is no entrance exam.

How can I prepare for the education?

In order to get well prepared for the education, there is the possibility to attend a preparatory course with our partner "Ski Instructor Academy (SIA)". This training provides comprehensive preparation for the courses both in theory and practical. More information at:


What is the daily schedule during a course?

The exact daily schedule of a course can vary based on the course content and weather conditions. Typically, the day starts with a shared breakfast, followed by practical training sessions on the mountain. These usually end around 2:30 PM. The afternoon and/or evening are reserved for theory sessions, often supplemented with video analysis and discussions. The detailed schedule will be provided by the respective instructor at the beginning of the course.

Who are the instructors at the Snowsports Academy?

The instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate ski and snowboard instructors with extensive experience. All of them hold the qualification of "state certified instructor" (level 4), the highest level of the Austrian education.

How do I book a course?

Course registration is exclusively done through our website. Please follow the instructions on our website to sign up for the desired course.

When should I enroll in a course?

Enrolling in a course should be done as early as possible since the number of participants is limited, and courses often fill up quickly. Timely registration secures your spot in the desired course.

Is there a waiting list if the course is fully booked?

Yes, if a course is fully booked, you can be placed on a waiting list. In case of cancellations or available spots, participants on the waiting list will be contacted in the order of their registration.

How do I pay for the course?

Course payment is usually made online through our booking platform. Various payment methods such as credit card or bank transfer are available. Payment details will be provided during the booking process.

An initial deposit of 20% of the total amount is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid at least 21 days before the course starts.

What is included in the price?

The course price includes course, examination and certificate fees, course book, video analyses and theory lessons. In addition, it is possible to book hotel, lift ticket, accident insurance and cancellation insurance.

In exceptional cases, only the booking of the course is offered, any necessary additional services are to be organized by the participants themselves.


I already have accommodation or lift pass. Will the course be cheaper now?

Yes, the course can be booked without these services, which will result in a lower price.

Is it possible to book a single or double room?

The standard price includes a room for 2-3 people. It is possible to book a single or double room, but for an extra fee.


Can I rent ski or snowboard equipment?

Renting ski equipment is possible at the Kitzsteinhorn courses directly from the "Bründl Sports" shop located at the mountain station (Alpincenter) on the morning of the first skiing day. Bründl Sports is a partner of the Snowsports Academy, offering participants the opportunity for discounted purchases, equipment rental, and ski services.

How is the best way to travel to courses at the Kitzsteinhorn?

Getting to the hotel: For courses on the Kitzsteinhorn, the journey to the hotel can be made both by car and with public transport. Parking at Hotel Lukashansl can be used at no extra charge. The train station "Bruck an der Glocknerstraße" is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.


Booking a train ticket in Austria:

ÖBB customer service: T: +43 (0) 5 1717 Email:


Daily transport to the ski area: If you arrive by public transport, please note that the transport to and from the mountain must be organised yourself. For more information, see "How do I get from the hotel to the ski area and back again?".


How do I get from the hotel to the ski area and back again (Courses Kitzsteinhorn / Zell am See)?

The journey from the hotel to the ski area and back is organised by the participants themselves. The journey takes between 5 and 15 minutes each way. The use of public transport is unfortunately not possible because there is no direct connection to the Kitzsteinhorn ski area from the hotel.


For those arriving on public transport, we therefore recommend that you contact other participants in advance and organise some form of carpooling. For this purpose we set up a Facebook group about 4 weeks before the start of the course and send the participants an invitation to the group by e-mail. 

If you cannot find a lift in advance, please inform our office team about this. They will organize the transport for you (taxi or bus) for a surcharge of 150€ (for the entire duration of the course).


What happens if I fail an exam?

If the exam is not passed, a retake can be taken. In this exam, only the section which was failed has to be retaken.


Registration for the retakes is online at:


Various so-called master events are offered to prepare for the retakes. Master Events means training with highly qualified ski or snowboard instructors. The booking can be made online at

How difficult is it to get a job as a ski or snowboard instructor?

Basically, ski schools search for employees on a regular basis. The demand for ski instructors is very high in Austria, but also internationally in ski schools around the world. Normally, graduates from Snowsports Academy find a job in a ski school within a very short period of time. In addition to the snowboard instructor qualification, we recommend snowboard instructors to complete the Anwärter module (level 1+2) in skiing to become a dual snowsports instructor. This way, you can be employed in the ski schools both as a ski and as a snowboard instructor. This increases your career opportunities enormously.


How do I find a job?

Each participant is responsible himself/herself finding a job. Our "SnowsportsConnect" job platform can be used to get in contact with ski schools: 
The website "" also helps with the search for the right ski school:

In which (federal) states is the qualification of the Snowsports Academy - Viennese Ski and Snowboard Instructor Association recognized?

Primarily, the Snowsports Academy educates ski and snowboard instructors for Austrian ski and snowboard schools. However, the qualification is also recognized in many other countries. The recognition depends on the specific regulations and laws of each country, so no general statement can be made. It is advisable to clarify the recognition in the respective destination country in advance.

Differences regarding the recognition of the qualification in German and English in Austria:

Examinations in German:

Austria is divided into several federal states, each has its own law for ski schools, which can be different in the regulations. Despite these differences of the state laws, there is an agreement between the regional associations of the federal states that allows the recognition of Austrian educations in German language in all federal states. Therefore, the German courses and examinations of the Viennese Ski and Snowboard Instructor Association - Snowsports Academy are recognized in all Austrian federal states.

Examinations in English:

The Snowsports Academy is the only association in Austria that offers courses and examinations in both German and English. However, it is important to note that with examinations in English, an official certificate cannot be issued according to the guidelines of the Austrian Ski School Association, and working in Austria is only possible with corresponding knowledge of German and passing a German language examination. Nevertheless, an international certificate from the Snowsports Academy enables working in many countries.

I would like to complete an Austrian ski / snowboard instructor education and at the same time gain international experience.

Is that possible?

That's fine. Snowsports Academy is an international ski and snowboard instructor association. There is therefore the possibility of completing the Austrian qualifications outside Europe. For example, in the summer months, an Anwärter ski instructor course takes place in Santiago de Bariloche, Argentina. For more information about this and other courses abroad, please contact us directly.


How do I get a ski or snowboard instructor ID?

To get a ski or snowboard instructor ID from us, you have to become a member of Snowsports Academy. Simply click on the following link:


I already have an education and would like to have it recognized. What do I have to do?

If you have already completed an education with another institute or governing body and would like to continue the education with Snowsports Academy, please contact us directly by e-mail: In order to be able to work in Austria with your completed international qualification, it must first be recognised by the authorities of the federal state (e.g. Land Tirol or Land Salzburg) in which you wish to work. Please contact the competent authority of the state for this.


Do I have to be a member of Snowsports Academy if I want to attend a course?

No, a membership is not a prerequisite to attend a course.


Do I need health and accident insurance?

Each participant is responsible for taking out an adequate health and accident insurance. Such an insurance, especially with included helicopter rescue, is expressly recommended. Please note that an education falls under the category “Professional Event”, which means some insurances do not cover it. An accident insurance can also be taken out through us as part of the course booking (insurance partner: UNIQA Österreich Versicherungs AG). Details on this accident insurance can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.


What happens if I wish to cancel the course (eg due to illness, injury, etc.)?

If the course will be cancelled by the participant, our cancellation conditions apply. A travel and cancellation insurance can be taken out during the course booking (insurance partner: Europäische Reiseversicherung AG). By booking such an insurance, the paid amount can be secured. More information about the travel and cancelation insurance can be found in the General Terms and Conditions and the following link:


What happens during illness / injury during the course?

In case of injuries or illnesses during the course, it's important to immediately inform the course instructor or trainer. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, medical care might be necessary. While Snowsports Academy does not provide medical services, we can assist in organizing initial care or transportation to the nearest doctor or hospital. In case of extended illness or serious injuries preventing further course participation, it's advisable to inform Snowsports Academy immediately to discuss next steps.

For illness or injury occurring between day 1 and day 5 of a course and confirmed by a medical certificate from the course location, a 20% discount on the course fee for a new booking will be granted. Refund of lift pass costs should be independently arranged with the lift company, and there is no refund for partial hotel costs.

How does Brexit affect me?

2021/22 was the first season post-Brexit. To work anywhere in the world now, incl. Europe, Brits will need a visa or permit to work. The Authorities here in Austria have said that they plan to have a ‘seasonnaire permit’ in place to allow workers short-term access to the employment market during the winter season. Whilst this is potentially great news, they haven’t released any further details on this as yet so it still leaves a little uncertainty on what will be required from UK nationals working in Austria. 

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