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How to become an Austrian Snowboard Instructor

Snowboard instructor: Most definitely a dream job! Have you always wanted to know what you actually have to do to become a snowboard instructor? Well, we have the answers:

Snowboard Instructor Education Team

As is customary in many other professions, the first step is to do an apprenticeship or gain a qualification. With snowsports in Austria this is no different and the laws of each province (Bundesland) regulate and divide the qualifications into several course modules which build on each other. The first step on the ladder is the so-called ‘Anwärter’ course. After the 10-day course the candidate will gain extensive theoretical background knowledge and have the necessary practical skills to teach successfully in a ski or snowboard school.

Snowboard Instructor Course Carving

On the Anwärter course, the main focus is on beginner and children's lessons, but also the improvement of personal snowboarding and communication skills. After having successfully completed the first course, the candidate is allowed to teach at a ski or snowboard school. The prerequisites to attending the Anwärter course are a minimum age of 16 and the ability to safely snowboard on all pistes. After having passed the Anwärter course, the Training to become a ‘Landeslehrer’ starts, and after that is passed then you can work towards the next step, ‘full cert’ and qualify to become state-certified (Staatlich geprüfter) snowboard instructor.

The core training structure to becoming a snowboard ‘Landeslehrer’

Training as a level 3 ‘Landeslehrer’ instructor The main focus on the level 3 snowboard instructor training is riding with and instructing advanced boarders. The standards of riding and guiding off-piste are at the centre of focus during the level 3 training. We also work intensively on the participants' own skills on and off the slopes, which makes the training to becoming level 3 instructor very popular with all participants.

Snowboard Instructor Course Training

After completing the Landeslehrer snowboard course, each participant should be able to take on more responsibility in their snowsports school, aiding colleagues while teaching or during in-house instructor training sessions. Furthermore, the level 3 instructor will have a multi-facetted repertoire of teaching methods and content to share with riders of all levels, allowing the lessons delivered to be of an exceptional standard, well-structured and the picture of professionalism.

Training as a state-certified (Staatlich geprüften) snowboard instructor The training to become a ‘Staatlicher’ is organised and provided by the Austrian ski instructors association (ÖSSV) together with the ’Bundessport’ Academy, based in Innsbruck (Bundessportakadamie Innsbruck). The whole course is divided into two semesters (theoretical and practical parts). If you want to complete the training to become a ‘Staatlich geprüfter’ snowboard instructor, you must have exceptional snowboarding skills and you must be able to apply them across the entire mountain in varying situations, conditions and terrain. Accordingly, the final exam consists of a timed race, several off-piste runs, and technical demonstrations – which, the instructor community are called "Schulefahren", or simply ‘demos’. The Staatlicher snowboard instructor exams are widely regarded as being particularly thorough and the qualification has a very high reputation worldwide. Many who have completed this qualification either start their own snowsport schools, work as head instructors in snowsport schools or become trainers and examiners for those training level 1 through 4.

Snowboard Instructor Education Exam

Training as a guide ‘Snowboardführer’ As a top level Staatlich geprüfter snowboard instructor, it is possible to train as a guide or ‘Snowboardführer’. This training is unique in Europe and deals with the “alpine” aspects of snowboarding. After completing the training, you are entitled to lead off-piste tours, or even “heli-skiing” for example.

Summary and Outlook Were we able to arouse your interest enough to come and train and kick off your snowboard instructor career? Then start now with the "Anwärter" course. The Snowsports Academy offers several opportunities a year for you to get involved. Check out which dates fit your calendar, we even have some dates around Easter and during the summer holidays.

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