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Alpine Course with the Snowsports Academy

The Austrian Landeslehrer (Level 3) is divided into several advanced course modules, an important part of which is alpine training, which is carried out in a separate alpine course (Alpinkurs). The duration of the alpine course is 7 days and ends with a theoretical and practical exam.

Alpine Course Ski Instructor Snowboard Instructor

What are the goals of the alpine course? The aim of the alpine course is to impart alpine knowledge (theoretical and practical) for safely guiding and accompanying guests in ski resorts on ski routes and variable terrain. Legally speaking, as an employee of a ski and snowboard school and close to ski lifts.

What do I learn on the alpine course? Mountain guides teach the participants how to be safe in open terrain on the mountain how to move and how to lead groups. Tours are planned by the participants under the supervision of, and with input from the mountain guide. The focus is on the ability to accurately orientate in varying terrain, to choosing safe routes, making safe decisions giving clear instructions to the group all while correctly assessing the avalanche situation and given the ‘worst-case’ scenario, organising help, searching for and saving buried avalanche victims.

Practical and theoretical content:

  • Snow and avalanche knowledge

  • Tour planning and guiding

  • Orienteering

  • Meteorology

  • Rescue

What are the prerequisites for taking part in the alpine course? The only prerequisite for participating in the alpine course is having the passed Landeslehrer 1 (Level 3) or Snowboard Landeslehrer. An entrance exam is not necessary.

Alpine Course Powder Skiing

What exams are involved? The alpine course exams consist of three parts:

1. Theory exam 2. Practical exam 3. Guiding exam

Theoretical exam: The theory exam consists of the various subjects which are covered and developed during the course. These include: Guiding, Planning, Alpine dangers, Snow and avalanche knowledge, Orienteering and Rescue

Practical exam: The practical exam takes place on the last day of the course. The participants are tested on the following subjects:

  • Snow science

  • Orienteering

  • Rescue

  • Transceiver search

Guiding: The third sub-area is the so-called "Tourenführung" (Guidided Tours) in which every participant guides the group is safely through off-piste terrain.

Alpine Course Mountain Peak

What do I get after completing the training? The exams for becoming an instructor are held by the Viennese Ski and Snowboard Instructor’s Association and are carried out according to Vienna State Law. After successfully completing the exam, the participant receives a certificate from the Viennese Ski and Snowboard Instructor Association, which is valid and recognised throughout Austria.

Who are the trainers? You will be taught by experienced instructors from the Snowsports Academy. All alpine course trainers and examiners are qualified ‘Bergführer’ (top mountain guides) and bring with them many years of experience.

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