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LEARN HOW 2 SKI - Skiing 2.0

Austrian ski technique as an online tool

What has been successfully practised in Austrian ski schools for decades now finds its extension in digital form. Snowsports Academy presents step-by-step how to learn and improve skiing skills. is also intended to motivate for visiting an Austrian ski school in preparation for your skiing holiday.

Snowplough Turns Demonstration

What you would otherwise only hear and see directly from an experienced ski instructor, you can now experience directly on your smartphone. Pictures, videos, exercises, explanations and tips available online will help to develop an understanding of skiing that was previously only possible through the guidance of a ski instructor. The online tool does not replace an instructor, of course, but it is a perfect complement to one.

Carving Demonstration

Clearly structured - from easy to difficult - and building up thematically, the online tool guides you from the first steps as a beginner to dynamic carving or mogul skiing.

The motto of the Snowsports Academy "Snow Connecting People" is the programme, as LEARNHOW2SKI will be available in several languages in the future.


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