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Ski Instructor Level 1&2 ‘Anwärter’ with the Snowsports Academy

The Austrian ski instructor training system is divided into several advanced course modules and begins with the "Anwärter" Course. The course is 10 days long and is concluded with a theory and practical exam. After completing the course, you are then allowed to work at a ski school.

Ski Instruktor Anwärter with Snowsports Academy

What are the goals of the Anwärter training? The goals for the level 1 & 2 training are to learn how to effectively teach beginners and intermediate skiers of all ages (children and adults). Every fully trained ‘Anwärter’ will feel comfortable teaching in any ski school and should be able to plan and produce high-quality, structured lessons. In addition, the ‘Anwärter’ course is the optimal first step and preparation for further ski instructor training.

Snowsports Academy Instructors at the Anwärter course

What do I learn on the Anwärter course? The training is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theory sections, the focus is on the methodological progressions, didactics and the biomechanical basics of skiing. During the practical sessions, the focus shifts towards clean and dynamic skiing skills and the ability to accurately show and teach the techniques of basic, low level skiing. The theory sessions take place every afternoon off the mountain.

Theory content:

  • Movement theory

  • Teaching

  • Children's lessons

  • Equipment

  • Snow and avalanche

  • Safety and hazards

  • da second language

  • Professionalism

  • Tourism

  • First aid

Practical content:

  • Introduction

  • Straight running

  • Snowplough

  • Snowplough turning

  • Edging

  • Sliding

  • Snowplough Steering

  • Children's lessons

  • Training your own ability and pushing your limits

What are the prerequisites for taking part in this course? The prerequisites for participating in the Level 1 & 2 ski instructor course is the ability to ski parallel down blue, red and black slopes safely. Additionally, the participants must be aged 16 or over. The candidate may take part aged 15, if their 16th birthday falls later in the same calendar year, e.g. the course is in July and their 16th birthday is in December. There is no entrance exam.

Which exams have to be taken?

The exams consist of three parts:

1. Theory exam 2. Practical exam 3. Teaching exam

Theory exam: The theory exam consists of the various subjects covered and worked on during course. These include movement theory, teaching, children's lessons, equipment knowledge, snow science and avalanche awareness, safety and a second language

Practical exam: The practical exam takes place on the last day of the course. The participants ski a variety of runs showing the techniques of the Austrian ski curriculum. The runs skied are divided up into the so-called demos, or "Schulefahren" and the freeski or "Eigenkönnen":

  • Schulefahren: snowplough turning and snowplough steering

  • Eigenkönnen: long radius and short radius turns

Teaching exam: The third sub section is the so-called "Lehrauftritt" or simply, the ‘Teach’. Here each participant teaches a 20- minute lesson on a previously assigned topic.

Feedback Ski Instructor Anwärter Course

What do I get after completing the training? The exams for becoming an instructor are held by the Viennese ski and Snowboard instructor’s association and are carried out according to Vienna State Law. After successfully completing the exam, the participant receives a Certificate from the Vienna Ski and Snowboard Instructor Association, which is valid and recognised throughout Austria.

Who are the trainers? You will be taught by Snowsports Academy trainers. Each one has at least the ‘Staatlicher’ qualification, the "state-certified level 4 instructor". All Team members have many years teaching experience or even run their own ski school. With their knowledge and experience, they make sure the participants are well prepared for the exams and being successful as a ski instructor.

Further training: What do I learn at the level 3? You can find more information by following these links:


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