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Snowsports Academy supported the Charity Ski Race at Stuhleck: A day filled with sunshine, sport, and philanthropy!

Last weekend, not only did the sun shine over Stuhleck, the renowned ski resort in Styria, but also the hearts of all participants and supporters of the 23rd Celebrity Ski Race, organized by Kurt Faist. The race was conducted by the Snowsports Academy, bringing together numerous celebrities and passionate skiers, not only to conquer the slopes but also to actively contribute to a good cause.

Under perfect conditions for a giant slalom, participants showcased their skills, with the best times of the day achieved by Katharina Gutensohn and Philipp Schörghofer. Yet, the true triumph lay not only in sporting achievements but above all in the support of the Franz Klammer Foundation, an organization dedicated to diverse charitable projects.

Martin Dolezal, Katharina Gutensohn, Franz Klammer and Michael Konsel

The pinnacle of the day unfolded in the magnificent ballroom of Casino Baden with a glamorous gala, filling every last seat. With Andy Marek's skillful moderation, guests experienced an unforgettable night of entertainment and inspiration. Numerous artists took to the stage, contributing to an atmosphere that remained festive well into the early hours of the morning.

Thanks to collective efforts, a proud sum of 24,000 euros was raised, which will be entirely allocated to the Klammer Foundation for their social projects. This outstanding achievement underscores the unwavering solidarity and generosity of the community even in challenging times.

The Charity Ski Race at Stuhleck was not only a sporting event but also a symbol of solidarity and altruism. We take pride in having made a contribution to charitable causes and look forward to actively supporting the Celebrity Ski Race again next year!


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