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Flow Conference - stressing less and being more when working with people

We are pleased to be able to support this year's Flow Conference as a partner. The conference will take place online from August 31st - September 1st, 2022.

What is the Flow Conference about?

The Flow Conference is the contact point for service providers who work with people, e.g. leaders, educators, coaches, trainers or managers. Their goal is to improve these services. Learning more about the latest tools and insights into how performance, well-being and development are related.

Ski instructors and snowboard instructors can therefore also benefit from the interesting inputs, improve their own lessons and, above all, their interpersonal skills how to work with guests. Of course, when working as a ski instructor/snowboard instructor, a good skiing or snowboarding technique and the ability of how to create lessons are in the foreground - but the knowledge how to interact with our guests is at least as important for the quality of the lessons. Such "soft skills" are often underestimated, but for guests they can make the noticeable difference between a good and an average instructor. Topics such as personality development, communication, group management and working with people in general are therefore also very important in our industry.

At the Snowsports Academy, we already teach these components in our educations under the umbrella term "Teaching Evolution". We are therefore pleased that the Flow Conference is also dedicated to this complex topic. A mixture of speakers from both science and practice promise exciting and inspiring lectures, panel discussions and interesting workshops.

The following lecture could be particularly exciting for those interested in snow sports: The Austrian freeride world champion and mental strength coach Lorraine Huber explains how she manages to deal with stress and how to be successful under pressure.

Information and tickets:


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