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Mountain Vision - The perfect goggles

Winter calls, and with it, the snow-covered peaks beckon adventurers. However, to fully enjoy the breathtaking winter experience, more than just warm clothing and technical equipment is needed. However, an often underestimated but crucial factor is optimal eye protection – the perfect mountain glasses.

Ski Goggles from Athletes Eyewear in the Snow
Ski Goggles from Athletes Eyewear

In an exclusive interview, Mike Kofler, the founder of Athletes Eyewear, shares his expertise on the essential role of high-quality eye protection in mountain sports. It's not just about safety, but also about the visual experience in the majestic mountain landscapes.

Mike Kofler - Founder of Athletes Eyewear
Mike Kofler

The Glass Makes the Difference

Kofler emphasizes that different weather conditions have specific requirements for goggles. The ability to quickly and easily exchange lenses is therefore a significant advantage. In particular, the color tint of the lenses plays a crucial role. Contrast-enhancing colors like violet improve orientation in alpine environments by highlighting unevenness and obstacles in the snow.

The innovative "Biochromic" project by his renowned partner company Zeiss explores the impact of different colors on human mood and performance. It turns out that colors like violet and brown, which enhance contrast, are ideal for mountain sports as they improve perception in various weather conditions.

The Invisible Danger: The Sun

In the mountains, the sun is a double-edged sword: radiantly beautiful, but also an invisible threat to the eyes. At 2,500 meters altitude, the intensity of UV radiation can be up to 30% higher than at sea level. Moreover, snow reflects up to 80% of UV rays, significantly increasing the risk of eye damage. Therefore, effective UV protection is essential. Mike Kofler points out that the EU mandates 100% UV protection for all sunglasses, and this normally suffices. Nevertheless, Athletes Eyewear also offers UV-400 protection, which provides even better protection in high-alpine regions.

Snowsports Academy with Athletes Eyewear Snow Goggles and iFLOW Jacket

Stylish Protection and Comfort:

The ideal mountain glasses must not only protect but also be comfortable and stylish. Kofler emphasizes the importance of a well-fitting ski goggle preventing eye irritation from the sun, wind, and particles. The curvature of the lenses and the fit of the frame play a crucial role. Effective ventilation of the glasses is crucial to prevent fogging. Only glasses that combine protection, comfort, and style enable a safe and stylish adventure in the mountains.

Conclusion: Quality Pays Off

As Mike Kofler highlights, top-quality glasses not only provide comprehensive protection but also significantly enhance the overall experience in the mountains. When choosing the right glasses, it is crucial to consider both the specific requirements of mountain sports and individual needs. A well-selected pair of glasses allows one to safely enjoy both the challenges and the beauties of the mountain world with clear vision.

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