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Ready for Summer? Discover the Unique Sports Sunglasses from Athletes Eyewear

Summer is just around the corner, and the days are getting longer and brighter. Whether you're cycling on winding roads, enjoying the thrill of skiing down a steep slope, or playing an exciting tennis match under the sun – clear vision is crucial. Do you have the perfect sunglasses for your summer adventures? The Snowsports Academy has just what you need: sports sunglasses from Athletes Eyewear.


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Benefits and Advantages of Sports Sunglasses from Athletes Eyewear

Athletes Eyewear stands out with features that maximize athletic performance:

1) Improved Vision and Reaction Time

  • Contrast Enhancement: Increases contrast to make differences in brightness and colors more distinct. Essential for quick reactions and precise movements.

  • Sharp Perception: Enhanced visual clarity helps you better recognize obstacles and details.

2) Eye Protection

  • UV Protection: Full protection from harmful UV rays.

  • Reduction of Glare: Reduces glare from reflected sunlight, ideal for activities on water, snow, or asphalt.

3) Fatigue Reduction

  • Less Eye Strain: Reduced eye strain through improved contrast and less glare.

  • Better Focus: Increased concentration through consistently clear vision.

From Athletes for Athletes

"From Athletes for Athletes" is the core of Athletes Eyewear. There are many sports sunglasses, but this is about more than just looks. Athletes Eyewear develops its sunglasses in close collaboration with top athletes who know exactly what features a perfect sports sunglass must have. Which lenses are best? How should the fit be? Are interchangeable lenses needed? These questions are answered with perfectionism and years of experience to ensure you have a perfect day in sports.

Partners in Sports

Athletes Eyewear is a proud partner and exclusive supplier of the Olympic Team Austria and supports more than 20 top athletes.

Mike Kofler in search of the perfect sunglasses
Mike Kofler in search of the perfect sunglasses

Fair Products. Designed in Austria.

Austrian Mike Kofler and Holger Emmerich with his company Emmerich Fashion have set a big goal: to create unique sports sunglasses made from top-quality materials at a fair price – Designed in Austria, made for sport lovers.

Here’s the link to the Athletes Eyewear website:


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