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Ski Service: What Matters

For the ultimate enjoyment on the slopes, a well-prepared ski is indispensable. To understand what makes professional ski service, we turned to Hans Hofer, the expert from Bründl Sports. He explains why careful ski service is so important: "A well-prepared ski runs more smoothly, turns easier, and requires less effort. This reduces the risk of injury and increases the fun on the slopes."

Ski Service by Hand by Hans Hofer at Bründl Sports
Ski Service by Hand by Hans Hofer at Bründl Sports

Waxing: The Basis for Optimal Gliding

Waxing the skis is crucial for their glide ability. Hofer explains that the pressure exerted on the ski creates friction heat between the ski and snow, forming a water film. This film enables the ski to glide. An additional layer of wax enhances the water-repellent effect of the polyethylene coating and also protects the skis. Different types of wax are suitable for different temperatures – soft waxes for warm and hard waxes for cold conditions. Hofer recommends waxing the skis more often the more you ski, especially after each ski season, to prevent drying out.

Ski Edge Maintenance

Edge Maintenance: Performance and Safety

Regular care of the ski edges is a central aspect for optimal performance and safety on the slopes. Sharp edges not only provide improved grip, especially on icy or hard surfaces, but also increase the fun of skiing with more precise turns. The need for sharpening varies depending on frequency of use, intensity of skiing style, and slope conditions. Hans Hofer advises drying the edges carefully after each use to prevent rust and associated wear. The ideal grinding angle for the edges ranges between 86 and 89 degrees, depending on the skier's experience and skill level. A finer angle ensures more aggressive edge grip, while a larger angle eases handling and is thus suitable for beginners.

Hans Hofer from Bründl Sports Ski Service
Hans Hofer

Handwork: Precision and Individuality

Hand-guided ski service, as practiced by experts like Hans Hofer, surpasses machine methods in terms of precision and individual adaptation. While machine processing delivers standardized results, handwork allows for a tailor-made adjustment to the individual needs of skiers, leading to improved ski performance.


Our conversation with Hans Hofer makes it clear: thorough ski service is absolutely essential for fun, performance, and safety on the slopes, and thus contributes significantly to an optimal skiing experience. It pays off to rely on the expertise of qualified technicians to prepare the skis perfectly for every challenge.


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