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"Snow Connecting People": The International Course 2024

From April 3rd to April 14th, 2024, the international course by the Snowsports Academy took place at Kitzsteinhorn, bringing together 150 participants from 38 different countries. Under the motto "Snow Connecting People," the event proved that snow is not only a platform for sports activities but also a powerful medium for connecting people of diverse backgrounds.

150 participants from 38 different nations took part in the International Course of 2024.
150 participants from 38 different nations took part in the International Course of 2024.

A Blend of Cultures and Languages

The Snowsports Academy aims to build bridges between cultures through its courses. The international course was once again a vibrant example of how sports transcend boundaries. Against the picturesque backdrop of Kitzsteinhorn, friendships formed that transcended linguistic, cultural, and national barriers. It became evident that, although there may be initial friction, the shared passion for winter sports and the expert guidance of the instructors were sufficient to bridge differences and promote understanding.

Weather Caprices as Part of the Adventure

The weather conditions during the course ranged from wintry with fresh powder snow to early summer conditions, testing the flexibility and adaptability of both participants and instructors. This dynamic added an additional challenge to the course but made the training all the more exciting.

Training and Fun in the Mountains

At the core of the two-week course was an intensive training program focused on both skill development and the enjoyment of the mountain experience. The instructors paid special attention to improving participants' technical skills and their understanding of safety aspects while skiing and snowboarding. Another key focus from the outset was on developing group dynamics and fostering communication among participants to create a strong sense of teamwork.

In addition to structured training sessions, the course provided ample opportunity to explore the picturesque region. This gave participants - some for the first time - the chance to experience the Austrian Alps while putting their newly acquired skills to the test in one of Austria's most renowned glacier ski areas - Kitzsteinhorn.

A Conclusion Once again, the Snowsports Academy has demonstrated with this course that sport speaks a universal language that can bring people together regardless of their background. Participants returned home not only with improved skiing and snowboarding skills but also with new friendships and a deeper understanding of other cultures.

The international course at Kitzsteinhorn was a resounding success and a shining example of how sport can serve as a catalyst for social integration and cultural exchange. The Snowsports Academy looks forward to the next season, continuing to unite people through their passion for winter sports.

Fotocredits: Carla Perez


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