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The Revolution in Timekeeping: Modern Technology from Lympic in Focus

In the fiercely competitive arena of alpine skiing, minuscule time discrepancies often dictate the race outcome. This reality demands unparalleled precision and dedication across all aspects, from the meticulous tuning of equipment to the rigors of training. Notably, the crucial practice sessions on the authentic course necessitate precise adjustments crucial for determining athletes' success or setback.


The Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) speed team has experienced a transformative advancement, courtesy of the trailblazing technologies provided by the Austrian firm, Lympic. Their pioneering solutions integrate digital timekeeping, GPS tracking, and video analysis, facilitating an exceptionally detailed real-time assessment of the entire racecourse effortlessly and without the need for extensive technical expertise.


Lympic timing modules that are directly connected to cellular networks.
Lympic timing modules that are directly connected to cellular networks.

The Technology Unveiled

Lympic's system, envisioned and developed by its founder, Thomas Peroutka — a former competitive athlete himself — aims to revolutionize timing in sports. Peroutka's ambition led to the creation of a sensor capable of accurately indicating time saved or lost at each turn. Following years of rigorous development, this innovative concept materialized in 2023, now a key component of the ÖSV teams' training arsenal.

Race training at the Snowsports Academy with Lympic's timing system.
Race training at the Snowsports Academy with Lympic's timing system.

Operational Insights

Crafted in Austria, these state-of-the-art sensors yield precise measurements of an athlete's speed, acceleration, and trajectory. The data, instantly uploaded to the cloud, becomes readily accessible to both coaches and athletes. Training sessions are captured using specialized cameras, with the footage subsequently integrated into the Lympic app alongside sensor data overlays. This synergy enables immediate analysis of performance, pinpointing potential enhancements.


Future Perspectives

Directly accessible on smartphones, the analytic outcomes empower teams with immediate performance insights on the slopes. Leveraging this comprehensive data, coaches are equipped to make informed strategic decisions, ranging from selecting the optimum racing line to equipment adjustments.

Michael Gufler, Ski Austria's Technology Director, underscores the innovation's impact:

"The provision of precise data positions our teams at a considerable advantage, fostering significant performance improvements."

The successful integration of this technology into winter training positions the ÖSV teams with a confident outlook for the forthcoming competitive season. Lympic has catapulted ski racing into the digital age, establishing its technological innovations as a cornerstone of modern training and performance evaluation.

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